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Bitcoin wallet and card

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Bitcoin Exchange

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Trust management

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Bitcoin is an anonymous payment system; you can carry out any transactions immediately after registration


Bitcoin is a fully protected cryptocurrency, no one except you can dispose of your money.


Quick transfers all over the world; the recipient can be located in any country.

No middlemen needed

Bitcoin has no limit on the transfer amount; the system is operated decentralized, 24/7.

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Trust management

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Bitcoin is an open-source cryptographic payment network that uses P2P technology functioning without a centralized supervisory authority; transaction processing and issuance take place collectively through the network. Thanks to its unique properties, Bitcoin opens new horizons of opportunities that have not been provided by any other payment structure before.

The main advantages of Bitcoin are gained thanks to the unique technology called Blockchain that uses cryptography to store and process information in a distributed transaction database.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, protocol and software that has the following advantages:

Instant P2P transactions; Payments around the world; Minimal fees; And much more.